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    Access Control

    Use of Access Control System: The safety and security of your working employees and your work environment area are critical and should not be taken lightly matters. Entrance control system enables you to control who can enter your service or parts of your building. These door security systems, such as Granding access control, ZKTECO access control and Nitgen access control, Suprima access control, Virdi access control, Anviz access control, Nordson access control, Couns access control, KJTeck access control, Secugen Fingerprint Scanner, Futronic’s Fingerprint Device allow administrators to track their employees’ activities and help monitor the overall safety of their establishment. Any entry systems include a variety of tools to restrict access to areas of a building and secure your place it can be office, home, or business. These access control systems can be as simple or as complicated as you desired facility, and can be connected to all types of buildings and area. Many popular Brand access control system devices include keypads types or card reader system types for specific doors in your building or place. Further options include video surveillance, biometric scanner options and the whole day and night monitoring systems. Most of these Access Control System is simple to install professionals install more advanced tools. You can know more about these Access Control systems in our Shop and Display Center. Germany Computer and Telecom Limited are known for wholesaling, importing and trading high-grade Access Control and Time Attendance Systems. GCTL provide installation and maintenance services for offered array anywhere in Saudi Arabia.

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